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Tide Setubal Foundation

With over a decade of work, Tide Setubal Foundation is a non-governmental, of family origin organization that works with the mission of:

Encourage initiatives that promote social justice and the sustainable development of urban peripheries and contribute to addressing socio-spatial inequalities in large cities, in articulation with various agents of civil society, research institutions, the State and the market.

The urban peripheries are the focus of the work and the neighbourhood of São Miguel, on the east side of São Paulo, was the starting point for action.

The daily presence in the neighbourhood allowed us to know and recognize a powerful, creative periphery with capacity for renewal and innovation.

On the other hand, this reaffirmed that the segregation between centre and periphery reduces social and economic opportunities for those who live in these regions of the city, highlighting the importance of having them as a priority in the public budget and in the actions of private social investment and civil society when the search for equity is intended. The work of Tide Setubal Foundation seeks to generate opportunities for those living on the outskirts, identify solutions to reduce inequalities and promote alternatives that contribute to the quality of life in the territories, with the improvement of infrastructure and services offered, articulating different actors and generating models that can gain scale and achieve public policies.


Local development practice 

The daily presence in the territory

Galpão ZL marks the presence of Tide Setubal Foundation in Jardim Lapena, east side of São Paulo. The space offers activities in the area of education, culture, sports, and entrepreneurship, with the purpose of contributing to the personal growth of residents, investing in their training, in the generation of income and in creating powerful bonds for the development of the neighbourhood.

In this sense, more than a place where the Foundation is present, Galpão ZL is an instrument of local development practice that also seeks to foster initiatives to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood. Thus, the relationship between Tide Setubal Foundation and the community of Jardim Lapena deepens and extrapolates the walls of Galpão, forming partnerships that work with the government, the private sector, and universities to improve the infrastructure of the neighbourhood.

The sum of these factors seeks to achieve territorial development, which becomes more effective with the participation of residents in moments of creation, articulation, and decision, strengthening their autonomy. It is in the territory that multisectoral initiatives for urban solutions are born and can be systematized as a model for public policies and applicable in other regions of the city, with the objective of promoting socio-spatial equity.

Promotion of agents and causes

A way to support and get to know the Brazilian peripheries

The peripheries are multiple, with characteristics that bring them together and differences that make them unique. For this reason, the belief that the territory matters is a guideline in our institutional performance.

In order to know and support the different paths taken by the peripheries for their development and to tackle inequalities, Tide Setubal Foundation invests financial resources in projects and actions of collectives, entrepreneurs and leaders present in different urban peripheries in Brazil. Investments take place directly or through public notices, with financial resources and technical support.

Universities, research institutes and third sector organizations also receive resources when they are dedicated to producing knowledge capable of improving the quality of life and generating opportunities for the expansion of investment and the recognition of the existing power in the peripheries.

Influence programs

Focus on essential themes to tackle inequalities and influence public opinion

There are themes relevant to the development of people and territories when we look at the context of socio-spatial inequalities. They are central elements to be faced in the search for equity. They are aligned with fundamental values such as freedom, diversity and the maintenance and guarantee of democratic rights.

For these fronts, Tide Setubal Foundation runs programs, developed based on the experiences of local practice or on knowledge from incentives, with the perspective of influencing public opinion, private social investment, and governments to get inspired, act and invest in a collaborative and articulated way, and having the peripheries and their subjects as a priority.

  • RACE AND GENDER: promotes collaboration between different institutions and actors, aiming at gender and race equity in the labour market and public institutions.
  • PLANNING AND PUBLIC BUDGET: develops, encourages and disseminates practices of government planning and management of public resources that give greater centrality to the fight against socio-territorial inequalities, having as preferential spheres of action the municipal sphere and the sub-municipal ones up to the level of the territory.
  • CITIES AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT: mobilizes companies, public authorities and the community of residents to create urban solutions at the local level, aiming at the development of urban peripheries.
  • NEW ECONOMY AND TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT: stimulates income generation and the development of impactful businesses aimed at solving problems in urban peripheries.
  • DEMOCRACY AND ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP: promotes initiatives in defence of democratic principles and rights and that contribute to innovation in the exercise of citizenship in public and political spaces, guided by the promotion of diversity and plurality of ideas.

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